Drill with our rig!

Cable percussion (cable tool) drilling is the simplest, most reliable, and economical technology available for drilling water wells. It will drill any material and is completely self contained - requires no mud, mud pits, auxiliary pumps or chemicals, yet will drill through rock without additional equipment. Drilling depth is only limited by the length of wire cable fitted. It is an effective drilling method which is particularly appropriate for water sources between 50 and 200 feet but can drill to depths of 500 feet.

Drilling with our new rig...very exciting!!!

As of May 2017 we now have two of these wonderful Kawasaki “Mules” pictured here with our Summer 2017 Youth group


Our workover rig 2/2016


This generator Model is used to pump wells #11 Chicken farm, #14 Bec's Well and #34 at the Pawoty community