Silent Auction 2018 bid

Silent Auction 2018 bid

9th Annual Haiti Mission

Golf Tournament & Silent Auction

April 23, 2018


Hello Friends:

We have received a total of $81,000 in donations and pledges from our Sponsors for the 2018 Silent Auction.  Thanks to all who have participated thus far to make the event a success.


Silent Auction Title Sponsor                             

Bec’s 9th Annual Haiti Mission Silent Auction

In memory of Rebecca Claire Fakier

Silent Auction Co-Sponsors                          

Beth & Marty Deitchman

Dr. Kara Beth Marcantel & Dr. David Allie 

Silent Auction Gold Sponsors                       

Cammie & Paul Khoury

Julie & Dr. John Steigner

Danielle & Dean Cheramie

Kellie & John Hebert

Mable & Hilton Michel

Paula & Charlie Laurent

Liz & Joe Bennett

Sarah, Jenny & Bill Meyer

In Memory of Mike Bordelon (The Bordelon Family)

Denise & Roy Beyer

Dr. Rollie Norris

Susi & Tom Morrison

Silent Auction Builder Sponsors                  

Stephanie & Patrick McShane

Cynthia & Dr. Warren Green

Colette & Chris Lapeyre

Margaret & Myles D’Arcey

Denise & Jeffrey Benton


Since our last email we have been gathering items for the Silent Auction and entering the information into our web based list of items.  Thanks to all our generous donors we now have 69 items posted that are available for you to start viewing.  The Greater Giving Website is undergoing some changes so you are currently only allowed to view pictures and details of the packages.  I have included a complete list below of available packages and minimum bids.  You will find many popular items that we have had available in the past, including several travel destinations, fishing and dove hunting trips, dinner events, new sports memorabilia, autographed books and exceptional new unique prints and artwork.

PLEASE NOTE: We have been asked in the past to make some items available immediately at a BUY NOW price.  We have decided to try that with our items with Minimum Bids of over $100.  We currently have 21 Items available at (Buy) prices which will be sold on first request beginning today March 5, 2018.  If you are interested in buying one of the items with a Buy price please contact us directly as listed below.

 Package # 

P#35: Opening Weekend Dove Hunt in Ajax, LA (MB): $3000 (Buy): $5000

P#41: Hog Hunt in Ajax, LA (MB): $1500 (Buy): $2500

P#77: 7 Nights at Emerald Grande Condominiums (MB): $1500 (Buy): $4000

P#59: Custom Lasik Eye Surgery by Scott Nelson, MD (MB): $1500 (Buy): $2500

P#34: “Six Pack” Grand Isle Camp 5 Day / 4 Night Stay (MB): $800 (Buy): $1200

P#38: Three Night Stay in Mid City NOLA (MB): $800 (Buy): $1500

P#39: 4 Course Dinner for 8 prepared by Chef Courtney Helenschmidt (MB): $700 (Buy): $1500

P#42: Pig Roast for 50-60 people (MB): $500 (Buy): $1200

P#4: Ray Lewis Autographed Helmet with COA (MB): $500 (Buy): $1000

P#44: Jambalaya and White Bean Dinner for 20 (MB): $350 (Buy): $700

P#5: Alvin Kamara Autographed Football in Specialty Case (MB): $350 (Buy): $750

P#43: (4) One Day Park Hopper Passes for Disney World (MB): $300 (Buy): $800

P#64: Rare Manning Autographed Football (MB): $300 (Buy): $700

P#28: All Star Anthony Davis autographed basketball with COA (MB): $200 (Buy): $600

P#33: An Evening with Le Bon Temps (MB): $200 (Buy): $500

P#45: Fresh Water Fishing Trip in the Chacahoula Swamp for 2 (MB): $200 (Buy): $500

P#75: Gourmet Food, Wine and Liquor Crate (MB): $200 (Buy): $700

P#27: Mark Ingram autographed rookie football with COA (MB): $150 (Buy): $350

P#55: 5”x6” Theotokos, Sweet Kissing Icon (MB): $150 (Buy): $500

P#13: Arbonne Skin Care Basket (MB): $125 (Buy): $400

P#78: Honora Freshwater Pearl Set (MB): $125 (Buy): $300

P#37: (5) One Hour Horseback Riding Lessons (MB): $100

P#52: Queen Size Japanese Puzzle Quilt (MB): $100

P#15: Johnny Was Jasmine Denim Tote Bag (MB): $75

P#36: Beignet Breakfast for 30 (MB): $75

P#53: Levie’s Delight Acrylic Impasto Painting (MB): $75

P#54: LSU Cypress Wrapped 52 Quart Ice Chest (MB): $75

P#1: Pink and Black Tote Bag (MB): $50

P#3: Ladies Swarovski Crystal Bezel Pulsar Watch (MB): $50

P#6: Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart Wooden Plaques (MB): $50

P#7: Stevie Ray Vaughn Graphic Print (MB): $50

P#10: Eddie Powell “Bass’ Acrylic on Wood (MB): $50

P#17: Chris Warner Autographed Book Collection (MB): $50

P#18: Copper Pendant and Earrings (MB): $50

P#19: Jon Klar Cuff with matching Earrings (MB): $50

P#24: 35” Odyssey Versa Putter with case (MB): $50

P#30: Susan Lange Designer Frame for 10”x8” Photo (MB): $50

P#31: Blessed Mother Package (MB): $50

P#32: $100 GC for Skin Therapy by Carmel (MB): $50

P#40: Two Bottles of Barbancourt Reserve Special Haitian Rhum (MB): $50

P#73: Hair Care Basket (MB): $50

P#74: Hair Care Basket (MB): $50

P#2: Set of 4 Stainless Insulated Beverage Holders (MB): $25

P#8: Set of 2 Framed Black & White Photos on Canvas (MB): $25

P#9: Fender Guitar Case with Strap & Supplies (MB): $25

P#11: Susan Lange Jerusalem Cross (MB): $25

P#12: Mother Teresa Clay Block (MB): $25

P#14: Guy Harvey Tempered Glass Cutting Board (MB): $25

P#16: Glass and Stone Cross on Canvas (MB): $25

P#20: Gold Cross & Bead Necklace with Matching Earrings (MB): $25

P#21: Framed Haitian Oil on Canvas (MB): $25

P#22: Framed & Matted Illustration Plate (MB): $25

P#23: Framed Black & White “Arch” Photo (MB): $25

P#25: Layla Mac original canvas “Remember Who You Are” (MB): $25

P#26: Fleece Lined Men’s (L) Saints Jacket (MB): $25

P#29: Home Goods Decorating Basket (MB): $25

P#60: “LSU” Cypress Cooking Paddle (MB): $25

P#61: “In God we Trust” Cypress Cooking Paddle (MB): $25 

P#62: “Haiti Mission” Cypress Cooking Paddle (MB): $25

P#63: “Saints” Cypress Cooking Paddle (MB): $25

P#65: Haitian Artisan Basket (MB): $25

P#66: Matters of the Art “X’s Platter Set (MB): $25

P#67: Matters of the Art Red Platter & Bowls Set (MB): $25

P#68: Matters of the Art Platter & Bowls Set (MB): $25

P#69: Haitian Art Basket (MB): $25

P#70: New Orleans Basket (MB): $25

P#71: Matthew Kelly Book Collection (MB): $25

P#72: Haitian Musician Canvases (MB): $25

P#76: Dali’s The Sacrament of the Last Supper Print (MB): $25

Please use the hyperlink to view items and details.

Opening bids currently range from $3000 to $25, with 24 items beginning at $25.  We are well on our way to reach our goal of $93,750, but we need more help over the next several weeks.

We need your help obtaining additional items and also spreading the word for us by passing on the information to others you know. 

As always we are happy to receive any items with a minimum value of $25 that can be added to the auction. 

We want to thank you in advance for your consideration and support. We need many generous donors to make the auction a success. These homes immediately impact two and often three generations, as well as, construction workers, their families and the community businesses that supply our needs.  Please visit the HMI website at to see before and after pictures with stories.


Please contact David Fakier (985-804-3112) or Laura Fakier (985-860-4311) if you have any questions or would like to donate an item. Thanks again for your support and participation. Please Forward to Your Contacts.


Our next update will take place in four weeks with online bidding beginning on April 17, 2018


David & Laura Fakier HMI Silent Auction


Laura Fakier

906 Picheloup Place

New Orleans, LA 70119