Shoes That Grow

Over the years Haiti Mission, Inc (HMI) has initiated several projects in order to bring shoes to the school children.  All of them have been fun and have achieved a certain degree of success.  At some point in time, one of our directors stumbled across the website of “Shoes that grow”.  At that point, we all were so excited about the concept that we stopped every other initiative and focused on raising funds to purchase these shoes for the children in our schools. Because International the parent company has also  brought HMI on as a partner organization and is helping raise funds for us to use to purchase shoes for distribution there in Haiti.

Please visit the “because international” website as well as the “shoes that grow” site to learn more about these unique and exciting shoes and to make a donation towards shoes for children that will last a very long time protecting their feet and giving them a sense of dignity and pride.


Here is a picture of some of the children in the second grade class at the St. Bridget School in Numero Deux Haiti (about six miles west of Jeremie) after they received their shoes.  The kids were delighted.  The Haiti Mission, Inc. team members are very excited about the quality of these shoes and how practical they are for mountainous and rocky terrain such as we find in Haiti.