HMI Houses

What are the benefits of building a home for the poor?

Perhaps you’re wondering what type of long term impact the home you are building will have.  First and foremost, you are taking people out of living hell and placing them into a life of dignity, safety and security or as we like to say, “changing hell holes to homes!” which is a priceless gift of love and compassion for which we at HMI and the families we serve will be forever grateful.  There are five main benefits however to a family receiving a home:

  1. Economic Impact - A debt-free home helps leverage families out of poverty. Funds previously needed to treat sick children and help them survive can now be used to purchase school supplies and other necessities.

  2. Educational Impact - A stable environment encourages learning. A child who lives in a decent home is much more likely to attend school and continue their education.

  3. Health Impact - Eliminating dirt floors and exposure to the elements improves their overall quality of life and reduces sickness. Having a concrete floor alone reduces the incidence of all sorts of diseases but especially diarrhea.

  4. Social & Emotional Impact - The emotional well-being of family members stabilizes as basic issues of survival are eliminated. Family life is strengthened and they can start thinking about the future.  These homes lift each family out of misery and raises them to a level of poverty where they have dignity, self-respect, joy, hope and understand love in action.

  5. Spiritual Impact - Your practical demonstration of God’s love for them inspires a desire to want to give back.  As each home is completed and dedicated, the family is presented with an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and encouraged to pray daily for all who have given to bring about this miracle in their lives and to pray for all their friends and family members who are in need.

As of Oct 2021, we have built 243 houses in this area.  This is a substantial and an incredible number of families that now have lovely, durable and dignified homes and no longer have to live in mud and squalor.  The four room houses with porches now afford safe shelter for them and for friends and family.

The Story of the HMI house construction project

House Date Completed  Date Dedicated GPS Location
243 Edouard Oct 2021    
242 Baptiste Oct 2021    
241 Leronide Oct 2021    
240 Michel Oct 2021    
239 Salomon Sept 2021    
238 Esperance Sept 2021    
237 Michel Sept 2021    
236 Gustave Similien Sept 2021    
235 Bazard Aug 2021    
234 Justin Aug 2021    
233 Avena Aug 2021    
232 Louis Aug 2021    
231 Pierre July 2021    
230 Luc July 2021    
229 Jeudy July 2021    
228 Jeanty July 2021    18.667/-74.180
227 Cazy June 2021   18.667/-74.179
226 Pierre June 2021    18.660/-74.157