Haiti Mission Incorporated (HMI) is a Louisiana-based, international, development organization that helps build sustainable projects to bring dignity, hope, love, joy, and faith to the people of Haiti. 

Haiti Mission, Inc.

Our Little Patron

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Rebecca Claire Fakier

“Great works are not built by Strength but by Perseverance.  We will Persevere!" (Samual Johnson)

Silent Auction Title Sponsor                     

Bec’s 9th Annual Haiti Mission Silent Auction

In memory of Rebecca Claire Fakier

Silent Auction Co-Sponsors                    

Beth & Marty Deitchman

Dr. Kara Beth Marcantel & Dr. David Allie

Silent Auction Gold Sponsors     $3750. (3 Remaining)

Cammie & Paul Khoury

Julie & Dr. John Steigner

Danielle & Dean Cheramie

Kellie & John Hebert

Mable & Hilton Michel

Paula & Charlie Laurent

Liz & Joe Bennett

Sarah, Jenny & Bill Meyer

Susi & Tom Morrison

In memory of Mike Bordelon (The Bordelon Family)

Denise & Roy Beyer

Dr. Rollie Norris

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Food & drinks on day of event for sponsors and guests

Dedication of one home

Silent Auction Builder Sponsors              $1000. (Unlimited)

Stephanie & Patrick McShane

Cynthia & Dr. Warren Green

Colette & Chris Lapeyre

Margaret & Myles D'Arcey

Denise & Jeffrey Benton





2018 Haiti Mission Inc. Silent Auction

Sponsorship Opportunities


This year will be the 9th Annual HMI Silent Auction.  By the grace of God and thanks to many generous donors, we have raised a total of $505,255 over the past eight years.   Since 2013 we have dedicated all the silent auction money to our Home Building Project.  We are on schedule to build home #125 by April of 2018.

The homes cost $7500 and we dedicate the silent auction money as a matching donation to build a home.  So for every $3750 donated to HMI for homes, we take $3750 from Silent Auction proceeds to complete the funding.  In order to reach our goal of building 25 homes per year we need a total of $187,500 of which $93,750 is needed from the Silent Auction.

Last year was our second attempt at raising money through sponsorships prior to the auction.  Thanks to many generous sponsors we raised a total of $118,345.

We have been blessed to personally witness the impact these homes are having on the families of recipients, approximately 35 members of the construction team and the overall community. 

We hope to raise a minimum of $55,000 through sponsorships and the balance through the sale of silent auction items.  The good news is that we have already raised more than $70,000 through the Title Sponsor and Co-Sponsors!

Thanks to all of you who have helped us in the past.  Your generous support has helped many poor families we serve.  I would invite you to visit the HMI website and read about some of the home recipients and view the before and after pictures. (www.haitimissioninc.com).  Our team is currently finishing construction on homes #120-121. The need for homes is endless for the desperately poor families we serve.  Our goal is to lift one family at a time from misery to poverty, but we cannot do it without your help!

Please consider helping if you can and take the time to send the information to others who may be able to help.  We would like to have commitments no later than the middle of February of 2018 so that we can include the names of our sponsors on information pertaining to the event which is scheduled for April 23, 2018 at Ellendale Country Club.  Sponsor donations will not be due until April 2018.

God Bless and Pax,

David & Laura Fakier

Psalm 112:9

Lavishly they give to the poor;

Their prosperity shall endure forever;

Their horn shall be exalted in honor.