Blind Man's Pillow Award

                Mr. Mathurin has been blind ever since Haiti Mission, Inc. began working in Haiti.  His pitiful hut was just off the side of the road as one passed the air strip in our village that serves Jeremie.  Year after year we would pass, see him sitting in the doorway on a log that served as his pillow and his only chair.  We would always stop and visit, leaving him a gift of food and a little cash and praying with him that somehow we could get him out of the dirt and mud that served as the floor where he stayed.  In order to protect himself from the torrents that would rush through his dwelling, there were large rocks everywhere inside on which he could stand.  However, nothing could stop the rain from leaking and sometimes pouring through the rusty, rapidly deteriorating tin that served as his roof.

                What a joy it was to finally be able to raise enough money to build Mr. Mathurin a new home.  Words cannot express the emotions we felt the day the HMI delegation dedicated his new home and led him up the front steps to receive the keys.  He praised and thanked God over and over again for this mighty blessing.  Friends and neighbors quickly destroyed the old hut that was in the front yard, leaving only the old log that was in the doorway.  Deacon Lloyd asked Mr. Mathurin if he could have the log as a memento of where he used to live.

                On returning to the US with Mr. Mathurin’s log, it soon became clear that this was to be a special reminder of all that HMI was and is.  This “Blind Man’s Pillow” represented our response to the cry of the poor. So many people have worked with HMI to bring hope and help to the people of Haiti.  Only Almighty God can thank them for all they have done.  In an attempt to recognize their efforts and offer them thanks from the people of Haiti and the donors here in the US, it was decided that this “traveling trophy” would be the Lombardi Trophy of HMI.

                The following are the recipients of the award.  Mesi, Mesi, Mesi  Anpil! (thank you, thank you, thank you very much) for all you have done.  Ak Renmen (with Love), Haiti Mission, Inc.

 Mr. Mathurin – Before and After   

(He passed away in February 2019)



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