Constitution of Haiti Mission, Inc.

Haiti Mission, Inc. has as its primary focus a commitment to provide basic humanitarian aid to the villages of Numero Deux and Ravine Saab which comprise the Church Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption in the Diocese of Jeremie. The first and foremost goal is to provide potable water within 500 feet of every family in this area.  Other projected activities include initiatives in the fields of education, health, improved housing, and other basic material needs. A long range vision is to help the villagers to establish independent economic development by providing them with agricultural business opportunities utilizing their own native resources, which may include no-interest business loans and vocational skills that will "enable them to lead a worthy life on the material, social, cultural, and spiritual level." (Pope Paul VI, Gaudium et Spes #67) Haiti Mission, Inc. is a faith-based organization dedicated to humanitarian aid which includes training, educating and supporting spiritual, physical and economic growth and development on the local, national and international level.