Silent Auction 2024

15th Annual Haiti Mission

Silent Auction

  May 13, 2024


Hello All:

Mesi Anpil and Bondye Beni!!  We are amazed at the generosity of HMI supporters.  We continue to be reminded how God’s plan is far better than we can dream of and that we just need to remain faithful and leave Him in control.

Once again, we received tremendous support from our 2024 Sponsors and Donors prior to the event totaling $177,164.   We received bids on all but one item.  As in the past, many winning bidders also added to their donation and additional donations were made without bidding on items during the event raising an additional $44,077. 

The combined total raised of $221,241 represents a new record for the SA, and over $29,000 more than our goal of $192,000.  Because of your generosity, we have enough matching money in place to continue building four or more homes per month for the next year through April 2025.

We once again need to give special thanks to our sponsors and to many generous people each year that continue to help either by donating items, bidding on items or making donations.

Our final total of $221,241 will be restricted towards matching funds to continue to build the next 55 homes.  The homes continue to cost $8000 with half the money in place from the SA.  We will continue to build homes for each additional $4000 we collect from donors.

Since the Silent Auction began dedicating money in 2013 to be utilized towards building homes, we have raised $1,613,909 in matching money.  Our construction team of Haitians has grown to 70 men and just completed building homes #352-355 this month. We are now on our way to Home #410 over the next year which will put us at nearly $3,250,000 utilized for home construction since 2013.  Amazing! You Cannot Out Give God!

We hope to have a small mission trip in early November of this year and a full schedule of 3 trips or more in 2025.  With humble hearts it will be our pleasure to represent all of our HMI donors and supporters as we dedicate homes and are blessed to witness how lives and families are generationally being changed. 

Please visit the HMI website at

and look for more exciting updates. 

Thank you once again for all you are doing to make this possible.  God bless you and your family.


David & Laura Fakier

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16

Bec’s 15th Annual Haiti Mission Silent Auction 2024

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Bec’s 15th Annual Haiti Mission Silent Auction

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