Silent Auction 2023

2023 Haiti Mission Inc. Silent Auction

Sponsorship Opportunities

Since the last email we have received generous donations/pledges from eight additional Gold Sponsors and four Builder+/Builder Sponsors pushing our current sponsor total to $112,800 or 75% of our Sponsor Phase goal of $150,000!With more sponsor commitments over the next few weeks HMI will have a great chance to reach the ultimate goal of $192,000 for our 2023 Silent Auction.  You cannot out give God!

We have more great news to share, we were able to obtain fuel and our 70-man construction team began working again this month.  They have completed the two homes that were scheduled back in August 2022 and should be able to complete four more homes in January.  If possible, they will attempt to build five homes per month to catch up and begin homes # 285-290 in February 2023.

The need for homes is endless for the desperately poor families we serve.  Our goal is to lift one family at a time from misery to poverty, but we cannot do it without your help!

Your generous support has helped many poor families we serve.  I would invite you to visit the HMI website and read about some of the home recipients and view the before and after pictures. (

Please consider helping if you can and take the time to send the information to others who may be able to help.  We would like to have commitments no later than late February 2023 so that we can include the names of our sponsors on information pertaining to the event, which is scheduled for April 24, 2023, at Ellendale Country Club.  Sponsor donations will not be due until April 2023.

God Bless and Pax,

David & Laura Fakier

Sell your possessions and give alms; provide yourselves with purses that do not grow old, with treasure in the heavens that does not fail.

Luke 12:33

Silent Auction Title Sponsor                     

Bec’s 14th Annual Haiti Mission Silent Auction

In Memory of Rebecca Claire Fakier

Silent Auction Co-Sponsors                     

Beth & Marty Deitchman

Paula & Charlie Laurent

Silent Auction Gold Sponsors   $4000. (17 Remaining)

Lauren & Terry Stidham:  In Memory of Germaine & Carroll Rhodes

Susi & Tom Morrison

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church

Julie & Dr. John Steigner


Terri & Joe Cunningham

Kellie & John Hebert

Paula McDonald: In Memory of Dave McDonald

Elaine & Pat Gootee

In Honor of Lorraine Folse & In Memory of Eugene Folse

Dr. Rollie Norris

Mable & Hilton Michel

CORTEC, LLC #1 of 3

CORTEC, LLC #2 of 3

CORTEC Employees #1 of 3

CORTEC Employees #2 of 3

In Memory of Harold, Peter and Paul Callais

Darrow Family

Listing on all event banners/posters

Listing on Haiti Mission website

Food & drinks on day of event for sponsors and guests

Dedication of one home

Silent Auction Builder Sponsors        $1000 - $3999. (Unlimited)

Charles Badalamenti +: In Memory of Debbie Badalamenti

Donna & Craig Mueller

Michael Bolden+ In Memory of Mrs. Catherine Coleman Smith

Cynthia & Dr. Warren Green

Matthew Caverly +

Judy & Shawn Sistrunk

Listing on Haiti Mission website

Food & drinks on day of event for sponsors and guests