Silent Auction 2021

12th Annual Haiti Mission

Golf Tournament & Silent Auction

  April 12, 2021

BIDDING IS OPEN April 2, 2021 at 12 Noon!


Hello Friends:

The silent auction has raised $855,550 over the past 11 years with the major portion coming from our sponsors since 2016.  This year we have been blessed with more sponsors than ever before contributing $128,850 which is nearly $20,000 more than last year’s record Sponsor Phase.  As you know, God has a plan far greater than ours.  We hope to reach our goal of $135,000 which would provide for the matching funds to continue to build three homes a month over the next year.  Any amount raised over our goal will be used as matching money for additional homes.

Will the 60 man construction team be able to build more than three homes in a month?  Will donors come forward later in the year to provide for the other half of the money for each home?  We trust that God has a plan and things will work out accordingly.  We also know it is a gift from God to help families move from misery to poverty as soon as we can and it is a tremendous multigenerational blessing!

We are fortunate to have many individual donors who contribute annually to build a home and sometimes multiple homes.  It seems that each year a new group has also stepped up to raise money to provide large donations to be utilized to build homes.  Two years ago Darian Cheramie, the Cheramie Family and the Krewe of Terreanians donated $37,000 which provided donor funding for 10 homes.  Last year, it was St, Mary Magdalene Parish in Apex, NC which contributed $23,156 towards home construction.  Kappa Alpha fraternity brothers from LSU have in the past few years donated to build 7 homes and are now in the process of raising enough to build 3 more homes which will be built In Memory of fraternity brothers who have passed away.  And of course there are many generous smaller donations from individuals which when added together helps to fund a home. 

It is with great joy that we begin this auction during Holy Week on Good Friday.  We trust that many of you will bid on items and pass the email on to others that you know so that HMI can continue to fund our home building project of three homes per month (or more) and serve the poorest of the poor.  Our construction team of 60 men will be building homes # 218-220 in April.

Since our last email we have been gathering additional items for the Silent Auction.  Thanks to all our generous donors we now have 64 items (22 new) posted that are available for you to start bidding on beginning April 2. 

I have included a complete list below of available packages and minimum bids.  You will find many popular items that we have had available in the past and new items, including food, wine, entertainment, fishing trip, events, sports memorabilia, autographed books/DVD’s, Haitian crafts & artwork and new unique prints.

PLEASE NOTE: We are once again posting items with minimum bids of greater than $100 available immediately at a BUY NOW Price.  We currently have 25 Items available at (BUY NOW) prices which will be sold on first request beginning NOW.  If you are interested in buying one of the items with a BUY NOW price please contact us directly as listed below.

Package # (P#): Item (MB): Price (BUY NOW PRICE):

P# 68:  Pheasant Hunting for 4 in South Dakota.  3 Days of guided pheasant hunting with dogs and four nights lodging at Rooster Ridge Hunting Lodge in Chamberlain, SD. The item has a value of $9000 (MB: $2500)

P#30: “Six Pack” Grand Isle Camp 5 Day / 4 Night Stay (MB): $800 (Buy): $1200

P#51: Seafood Dinner for 8 by Houma’s “Cooking Priest” (MB): $800 (Buy): $1600

P#31: Three Night Stay in Mid City NOLA (MB): $600 (Buy): $1400

P#15: Inshore/Coastal Speckled Trout & Redfish Fishing Trip for 4 (MB): $550 (Buy): $1500

P#6: Vintage Lenox Nativity Set (MB): $500 (Buy): $1200

P#65: $1000 Termite Treatment from New Orleans Pest Management (MB): $500 (Buy): $1200

P#37: Jambalaya, White Bean & Seafood Dinner for 20 (MB): $450 (Buy): $1000

P#9: Joe Burrow autographed LSU Football with COA (MB): $400 (Buy): $1000

P#34:   “The Crucifixion Icon” (MB): $350 (Buy): $800

P#32:  Cannata’s Argentinian Steak & Wine Dinner for 12 (MB): $300 (Buy):  $800

P#47: Pig Roast by Mr. Clyde (MB): $300 (Buy): $900

P#53: Clay & Glass Bowl by Louisiana Artist Jean Lasseigne Jens (MB): $250 (Buy): $600

P#14: Odell Beckham framed & autographed LSU jersey with COA (MB): $225 (Buy): $600

P#57: Bourbon Basket (MB): $200 (Buy): $600

P#40: A Match Made in LSU Heaven (MB): $175 (BUY): $550

P#1: “Pacifico” Grizzly 40 Cooler (MB): $150 (BUY): $450

P#25: Golf Collector’s Package (MB): $150 (BUY): $400

P#39: Magnolia Melody by artist Stacey Fabre (MB): $150 (BUY): $550

P#2: “Natural Light” 45 Quart Cooler (MB): $125 (BUY): $400

P#36: Coach Red Pebble Leather Derby Tote (MB): $125 (BUY): $450

P#38: Coach Accordion Zip Wallet (MB): $125 (BUY): $375

P#52: Pet Portrait by Anna (MB): $100 (Buy): $600

P#55: The Tita Dona Celia Edition Tequila Trio (MB): $100 (BUY): $300

P#63: Twin Bed Short Drop Quilt (MB): $100 (BUY): $400

P#64: Twin Bed Long Drop Quilt (MB): $100 (BUY): $400

P#7: “Michelob Ultra” Full Size Golf Carry Bag & (2) $25 GC for Cabelas & Top Golf  (MB): $75

P#10: LSU Football National Championship Package (MB): $75

P#17: Jewelry Storage Package (MB): $75

P#19: Scout Tote Wine Basket (MB): $75

P#24: Young Girl’s Dream Basket (MB): $75

P#26: Poolside Package (MB): $75

P#41: Fabulous One of a Kind Head Piece by artist Kate McNee (MB): $75

P#42: One Good Rose Deserves Another (MB): $75

P#45: Deep South Oil & Vinegar Basket (MB): $75

P#46: Minon Faget Sand Dollar Pendant (MB): $75

P#49: C.A.R. Tint $150 Gift Certificate (MB): $75

P#50: Cristiano’s Restaurant $150 Gift Certificate (MB): $75

P#54: Men’s XL Custom Design Hawaiian Shirt by Barbara Toups Miller (MB): $75

P#3:   Jackson Square signed canvas photograph (MB): $50

P#4:   Haitian Art Pillow #1 (MB): $50

P#5:   Haitian Art Pillow #2 (MB): $50

P#8:   Jolly Santa Basket (MB): $50

P#11: Year of St. Joseph Package (MB): $50

P#12: Seven Book Spiritual Collection (MB): $50

P#13: Fr. Dave Pivonka Package (MB): $50

P#16: Essential Travel Gear Package (MB): $50

P#18: Cozy Christmas Package (MB): $50

P#20: Lemon Drop Shot Basket (MB): $50

P#21: Vera Bradley “Cooking with Friends” Basket (MB): $50

P#22: Mosquito Coast Cookbook Basket (MB): $50

P#23: Celebration in a Basket (MB): $50

P#27: Haitian Goods Basket #1 (MB): $50

P#28: Haitian Goods Basket #2 (MB): $50

P#29: Haitian Goods Basket #3 (MB): $50

P#33: LSU Basket (MB): $50

P#35: Guy Harvey’s “Panama Paradise” Book (MB): $50

P#43: HandPulled Photogravure “Flood State” (MB): $50

P#44: Gourmet Wine Basket (MB): $75

P#48: Girl’s Day Out (MB): $50

P#56: “Hearts” Trio (MB): $50

P#59: Meal Gift Card Package (MB): $50

P#60: Toups Meatery Gift Basket (MB): $50

P#61: A Little Something for Everyone (MB): $50

P#62: Cajun Man Swamp Tour Gift Certificate for Two with Billy Gaston (MB): $50

Please use the hyperlink to view items and details.  Minimum Bids and Buy Prices will only appear on the link after the auction opens on April 2, 2021.

Opening bids currently range from $800 to $50, with 26 items beginning at $50. 

You can help by bidding on items and also spreading the word for us by passing on the information to others you know. 

Important Information:

  1. You can view all items without registering. 
  1. To Bid you will need to register and provide credit card information which is protected.  If you registered last year and cannot remember your password there is a way to update with a new password.  Even if you remember your password you will need to reenter CC information which is not saved from year to year.
  1. You can set a maximum bid if you prefer.  This allows for automatic incremental increases when you are outbid.  No one can see what you have set for your maximum bid.
  1. You can make a list of items you would like to follow for now and not make a bid.
  1. If you have a smart phone you will be able to keep up with bids and items with text message notices.
  1. Bidding will end for all items with minimum starting bids of less than $100 at 5:00 PM on Monday, April 12.  Bidding will end on all other items 15 minutes after the golf teams finish the afternoon round of golf.

If you are the winning bidder you will have 24 hours to notify us if you prefer to make your donation by check, otherwise the credit card you registered with will be charged.

We hope to arrange for a pick up location and/or delivery for winning bidders in the Houma-Thibodaux area and New Orleans area as soon as possible after the event.  If an item needs to be mailed, shipping cost will be paid by the winning bidder.

We want to thank you in advance for your consideration and support. Please visit the HMI website at to see before and after pictures with stories about our home recipients.

Please contact David Fakier (985-804-3112) or Laura Fakier (985-860-4311) if you have any questions.

Please Forward to Your Contacts.

God bless and have a grace filled Holy Week.

David & Laura Fakier
HMI Silent Auction

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and will be repaid in full.”

Proverbs 19:17

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