Haiti Mission Incorporated (HMI) is a Louisiana-based, international, development organization that helps build sustainable projects to bring dignity, hope, love, joy, and faith to the people of Haiti. 

Water Wells


Bringing water to within 500 feet of every person in the region is still a major and primary focus of Haiti Mission, Inc.  No development in any area is possible without sufficient, clean water.  We now have 64 wells drilled in Haiti and are hoping to drill several more in 2021. Your generous donation can help to transform the lives of many.

Building Homes


As of December 2021, we have built 251 houses in the area.  This is a substantial and an incredible number of families that now have lovely, durable and dignified homes and no longer have to live in mud and squalor.  The four room houses with porches now afford safe shelter for them and for friends and family. 

Food Distribution


After HMI had been working in Haiti for several years, trying to improve the water situation, developing schools for the children and building a house here and there for some of the families that were in desperate circumstances, Fr. Joe asked us to consider helping the extremely poor families in some way. As he put it, “All the families here are poor, but some are in truly pitiful shape.”  The team came together and put a process together that initially feed 28 families. Now, while the process has changed, we distribute food to almost 800 families.  Check out “Dirty Cards / Food Distribution” under the tab “What We Do”.

St. Bridget Haiti Mission School

From the humble beginning of one school with about 200 children, the St. Bridget Haiti Mission School System now continues to afford a basic education to the children of the area in buildings constructed by Haiti Mission in partnership with friends, foundations and Rotary groups.  Because of this basic elementary education, secondary and some vocational training which is now being made available through your generosity, these children and adults have hope and promise of a much brighter tomorrow. 

In addition to supporting the schools, a feeding program has been instituted.  Many children come to school but the degree of their malnutrition is so severe that they are unable to learn or stay in school for any length of time. This feeding program insures that every child attending the elementary schools in the Numero Deux and Ravine Saab will have at least one nutritious meal a day.

Solar Lantern Project

The positive impact of the lights has been tremendous. We have been able to distribute the lanterns during our "new home dedications" as well as during the food/medicine distributions for the community. We have included instructions in each lantern package, written in Haitian Creole of course, so our Haitian friends will have a clear understanding of how the lanterns work, recharge, etc. Currently there is no to very limited power on the "main" road, and no power to the homes. Solar power now provides clean, renewable, inexpensive lighting. Lighting solutions prior to the LuminAID lanterns were limited to candles, wood fires, or kerosene lanterns, which are unsafe, unhealthy, and costly.

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"To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." Ralph Waldo Emerson


Our local TV channel, HTV channel 10, interviewed Deacon Lloyd Duplantis, Laura Fakier, and Dr. David Fakier, and speaks about the Haiti Mission project.  Click on the part below the picture to find out more about the works of Haiti Mission, Inc.

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Thank You!

On behalf of the Haiti Mission team, I want to express our sincere appreciation for the donation you made in 2021.  As you know, our mission is to build sustainable projects that bring dignity, hope, love, joy, and faith to the people of Haiti, such as building homes, feeding the children, providing food to families, distributing medications and multivitamins, drilling water wells in communities, paying teachers to give the children and adults hope and promise of a brighter tomorrow, and so much more. This would have never been possible without people like you who support our mission.

Deacon Lloyd Duplantis

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”     Matthew 25:40

HMI has done so much, but we can only see clearly how much more needs to be done.  As we bring our twentieth year to a close, we are more confident than ever that God’s grace and blessings will continue to flow through us into the lives of more people who have been oftentimes forgotten by the world.  With your help we will answer the call of the poor and the needy. With Christ at our side and the power of God in our hearts, we will persist in this labor of love.  We will continue to be doers of the Word and not just hearers.

Church Construction

Hello HMI Supporters:

I have good news and sad news to share with you. Unfortunately, our plans are not always how things work out.  Four of our ten-member team for the mission trip did not pass their Covid tests to fly to Haiti for the church dedication trip.  They all have minimal to no symptoms, so they likely were exposed to the Omicron variant at some point prior to testing and they will not be able to make the trip.  We are upset that Paula and Charlie Laurent, who have been long time supporters of HMI and have tried to accompany us on the past few trips will not be able to make it again.  

It is also upsetting to all of us, and I am sure to all of you that Deacon Lloyd and Ms. Faie also tested positive and cannot make the trip.  Deacon Lloyd and Ms. Faie began HMI nearly 22 years ago and have worked tirelessly with love and support for the communities we serve in and around the city of Jeremie.  This trip was scheduled to possibly be their final trip and to be a great celebration of their journey with the people of Haiti and Father Jomanas.  It is so disappointing that they bodily will not be with us, but their spirit will forever be a part of the community.  Hopefully, later in the year they can make another trip to see all the amazing progress that has taken place in the last few years.  We ask you all to keep these two special couples in your prayers. 

Nancy & Lloyd Greenhaw

Laura & David Fakier

Beth Deitchman

Bob Higgins

Please, as always, keep the January 2022 mission team in your prayers.  The major event on this trip is the Church Dedication on Saturday, January 22.  Nancy Greenhaw has promised to put her amazing photography skills to work and capture the day so that we will be able to share photos with all of you on future emails, newsletters and the website.  Bob Higgins will have some work to do prior to Saturday hanging his beautiful three panel Icon which he painted as directed by the Holy Spirit.  Bob will later be a part of the blessing of the Icon and walls of the church.   

My sister, Beth Deitchman, will take part in a special blessing of Rebecca's Prayer & Petition Wall with the Bishop and community outside of the western wall of the church.  The wall was inspired by her Jewish husband, Marty Deitchman, and meant to resemble a small section of the western wall at the temple in Jerusalem.  It is complete with a portrait of Rebecca Claire and the 10 Commandments in Creole.  I can attest that the wall has already been used with petitions placed and petitions answered in the past two years.  Their generous support for the church and home building projects has been an ongoing blessing for years.

Those are just a few of the highlights we hope to share with you on the day of the church dedication.  We will also try to be as busy as possible during the short week doing a Family Distribution for 163, Feeding the Children at school, Visiting the Missionaries of Charity, Feeding the prisoners and dedicating nearly 30 homes which have been completed!  Nancy and Lloyd Greenhaw will also be busy hosting 3 to 4 Evangelization Evenings on behalf of Renewal Ministries.

We promise to do our best to represent all of you that are amazingly generous to HMI projects.  A special thank you to all the Major Donors who made the church building possible, but we cannot do the things that God has planned without everyone's support and generosity. 


 In Memory of All Children Who Died Too Young from Cancer

 In Memory of Rebecca Claire Fakier

The Deitchman Family

The Immaculate Heart of Mary 

In Memory of Harold, Peter & Paul Callais




 The Peggy & Greg Terrebonne Family

 Our Lady of Fatima & Our Lady of Lourdes

 Scott Deumite

 Kenneth Wood Family

 “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” The Barrilleaux Family

 Elaine & Pat Gootee

Laura and I still like dancing and singing to an old Journey song that just seems right for this trip …Don’t stop believing!!!  God's plans are much bigger than our own and we are just enjoying our journey while we can. 

I have attached a Church "Highlight" Timeline for any of you who may be interested in how the church project came about since our March 2015 trip with Fr. Dave Pivonka.



Timeline Assumption in Church in Numero Deux HMI Partnership

Mission Trips

 It is then with great joy and anticipation that we get to witness what he does in  and with each missionary during your week in Haiti.  We try our best to get things organized because there are some responsibilities we have as a group each week, but then we try to get out of the way and let God do his work in you and through you.  We experience new things with each group which is always a blessing and each person brings special gifts to add to the journey. (Dr. David & Laura Fakier) 

We are hoping to schedule a trip in 2022. For more information on our mission trips, click here.  

                       June 2021 mission team                                  

Rebecca Claire Fakier
 Click on the image to read her story.