How did HMI get involved in Ghana?

In Mid 2018 Deacon Lloyd met Msgr. Cletus Frank Egbi while he was working in the diocese of Houma-Thibodaux as the pastor of St. Lucy’s and St. Luke’s Catholic churches.  Shortly after the meeting, one of the donors to HMI who has funded a number of international water projects other than in Haiti, asked if there was another country in Africa where we could drill a water well for a needy community.

Deacon Lloyd contacted Msgr Cletus and he put us in touch with the Rev Clemence Ashiara of the Diocese of HO, Ghana.  Fr. Clemence’s situation in two of the communities where he ministered was very critical.  Those particular communities experienced severe water shortages during the drought seasons in particular.  Funding was furnished and the successful conclusion of the project and the blessing of water to another forgotten community was achieved.    Read more about our Ghana well(s) by clicking on the tabs below. 


What are the benefits of drilling a well for a community?

Perhaps you’re wondering what type of long term impact drilling a water well in a community will be.   First and foremost, you are giving people the best medicine in the world - potable water - which is a priceless gift of  health, love and compassion for which we at HMI and the families we serve will be forever grateful.

There are four main benefits however to having a water well in a community.

  • Reduce disease that comes from drinking polluted water. 

  • Give families, schools, hospitals, etc easier access to good water for drinking, washing, and bathing

  • Improve quality of life and reduce disease by enabling better hygiene

  • Improve health by enabling better hydration, an important requirement in a hot climate


Msgr Cletus Frank Egbi  Facilitator






Aug 2023

Well # 4 Obuase

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In Memory of Robert McFarling   

Jan 2023

Well # 3 Takrabe

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In Memory of Annie Mark by OFI  

Jan 2021

Well # 2 Dambai

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May 2019

Well # 1 Frankadua

Well Log 4/2021

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 In Memory of Donald Mead by OFI