Indian Water Wells

Indian Water Wells

Sometime in 2009 Deacon Lloyd met Rev. Lonappan Arangassery from Karalla India while Fr. Lonappan was conducting a mission appeal in the diocese of Houma-Thibodaux.  At some point in the discussion Fr. Lon shared with Deacon Lloyd the fact that the Indian government subsidizes the drilling of water wells in certain areas and under certain circumstances but he did not know all of the details nor was he able to give a contact for Deacon to follow up with.  Soon afterwards, another Indian priest, Fr. Ramaji Shoury, came to the diocese to serve for a time.  Fr. Shoury was familiar with the program and had very good contacts in order to get more details.  In 2009, the cost of drilling a community well in India was $1500 which was about one-third of the cost of a well in Haiti.  The Indian government would also work with the communities to maintain the well.  HMI received some funding that had no restrictions as to where a water well could be drilled so it was decided to fund three wells in India.   The wells were drilled and reports were furnished which indicated a good quality water was located at each site.  HMI was shortly thereafter presented with at least forty requests from communities all over India to consider drilling wells for other villages.  As resources came available, HMI funded several other projects as shown in the list below.  HMI considers it a special blessing to be able to bring potable water to these children and families in areas of India that, because of politics and religious and ethnic prejudices, have been denied access to certain water sources. 

“Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified.  Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

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What are the benefits of drilling a well for a community?

Perhaps you’re wondering what type of long term impact drilling a water well in a community will be.   First and foremost, you are giving people the best medicine in the world - potable water - which is a priceless gift of  health, love and compassion for which we at HMI and the families we serve will be forever grateful.

There are four main benefits however to having a water well in a community.

  • Reduce disease that comes from drinking polluted water. 
  • Give families, schools, hospitals, etc easier access to good water for drinking, washing, and bathing
  • Improve quality of life and reduce disease by enabling better hygiene
  • Improve health by enabling better hydration, an important requirement in a hot climate

Rev. Ramaji ShouryIndian Well Facilitator for HMI       

Date Location GPS
May 2024 Well # 18 Gundampadu Map Location

 Click for Dedication

Aug 2023 Well # 17 Giddalur Village Map Location

 In Honor of Rick and Mark Winkley

Feb 2022 Well # 16 Vijayanagaram Village
Map Location

 In Honor of Sue

Dec 2022 Well # 15 THANGADANCHA Village Map Location

 In Memory of            GARY LIRETTE

July 2022 Well # 14 Chintakunta Map Location

In Loving Memory of JAMES T. KAUL  

Oct 2021 Well # 13 Thatipadu Map Location

In honor of Faie and Lloyd Duplantis

Apr 2021 Well #12 VENKATACHALAM Map Location In memory of Mary Lee and Thomas Franklin Wood “One Family”
Dec 2020 Well # 11 ALLADUPALLEDEVALALU Map Location  
Sept 2020
Well #10 Kanalapalle Map Location
Jun 2020
Well #9 - Mydukur
Map Location In honor of William Joseph Winkley in Recognition of his life
Jan 2020
Well #8 - Koilkuntla
Map Location In Thanksgiving to Alice Julia Holvoet Winkley “One Family”
Mar 2019 Well #7 - Nandyal Map Location  
Feb 2016 Well #6 - Malakpet Map Location  
Feb 2016 Well #5 - Velugodu Map Location  
May 2014 Well #4 - Chinnaguluvanur Map Location  
Sept 2009 Well #3 - Khadarabadara Map Location  
Aug 2009 Well #2 - Sirvell Map Location  
July 2009 Well #1 - Govindapalle Map Location