The OFI/HMI Tundwi Village Water Well Project - TANZANIA

One Family International, directed primarily by Pat and Bill Winkley, had drilled wells and developed water projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea when - as fate would have it - Bill met Faie and Lloyd Duplantis, directors of Haiti Mission Inc. (HMI), while he was working in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  The kindred spirits immediately were able to build a coalition that became very effective over the years in fund-raising and coordinating water well drilling and water projects in Haiti, India, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Ghana. In early 2020, Bill was approached by Matias (one of the directors) with UMAWA (Usafi wa Mazingira na Watu - a business which does liquid waste management in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) to consider drilling a much needed well for the community.  Bill was familiar with the organization.  He and Pat approached HMI with the proposal and asked if HMI would come on board with their expertise and administrative skills.  As we so commonly hear nowadays – “The rest is history.”







Dec 2023 Well # 4 Mbutu        
Nov 2023 Well # 3 Kichangani      
Jan 2022 Well # 2 Mwasonga Village      
Nov 2020 Well # 1  Tundwi Village