nicole davis

Nicole Anne Davis – “The Soccer Saint”

May 12, 1989 - March 5, 2008 


            Almost at the same time, two young ladies came into the Haiti Mission, Inc. world to work with us to help the poor and needy of Haiti.  Both of them we never met in this life.  Both of them have been working very hard in their new life to help and direct our work.


            Nicole Davis and Rebecca Claire Fakier to my knowledge never met each other while they were living on earth even though they were living only a few short miles from each other.  Their passing has had an incredible impact on who we are and how we function as a mission.  Read Rebecca Claire’s story when you have time to cry, time to laugh and time to ponder God’s providence.  Now you will get to know Nicole Davis.


            Nicole was a member of the Art Club.  She served as vice-president for two years and as president for two years during which time she received Flaming Cardinal Awards from the club.  Nicole was also active in the 4-H club, student Council, music ministry and campus ministry.  Nicole loved swimming, painting, running, reading and community service work.  She served her church and community as a young woman of faith by helping to paint houses for the elderly and by teaching vacation bible school.  Nicole enjoyed painting the most because she felt that she could help others with her skills. 


            Myra Luft, the principal at E.D. White at the time of Nicole’s passing, said of Nicole, “Nicole gave of herself for the benefit of others.  She was a quiet leader, never seeking personal recognition.  She led by example.”  Scott Dupont, the religion teacher, stated, “Nicole was a young lady of faith, and this was evident to all who came into contact with her.  From her involvement with church-related activities to her participation in E.D. White school events.  Nicole was loved by all.  Having taught her for two years, I greatly admired her work ethic and determination.  Her sweet demeanor was God’s blessing to us all.  Nicole will be sadly missed and always remembered.”


There are so many good things to say about her, it’s hard to narrow down her beautiful eighteen years to a few paragraphs.  She was beautiful, kind and very artistic.  She had a special sense of humor and she always had a smile on her face.  She was a fun-loving person who lived her faith to the fullest every day of her life.  She was a unique individual.  She seemed to always know the right thing to say and she was a light that brightened even the darkest days.  


Nicole, we love you!  We thank you for helping us bring such joy to children in Haiti through the gift of soccer balls.  What wonderful inspiration you have given us!  With your continued help and intercession, children throughout Haiti will find fun in life that was not there before.


Nicole Davis, our soccer saint, pray for us!