The Kenya water well project developed when the founder of One Family International, Mr. Pat Winkley, expressed interest in drilling a well there.  One Family International has partnered with HMI since 2009 to develop water sources and drill water wells primarily in Haiti but also in India, Uganda, Ghana and Kenya.  These projects and wells continue to deliver life-giving, potable water to literally thousands of people in these countries.  When, Rachael Paulson,  the founder of How Global proposed to HMI that she needed funding to drill a borehole in Zimbabwe,  it was presented to OFI and immediately the prospect of helping kids at the Chitsvedemo School in Zeke, Zimbabwe community became a reality. 

July 7, 2020

Hands on the World Global/Haiti Mission partnership  Project proposal    2020

Zimbabwe School/Agricultural Project

This project will take place at the Chitsvedemo School that is in Zeke rural.  This area of the world has been experiencing extreme drought over the past few years.

  The group that has requested our help is an organization called Zimconserve with Gabriel Mutongi being the head of this organization.  Gabriel works hand in hand with very rural schools to create water systems and agriculture projects that not only help the schools but the surrounding communities.

Zimconserve are well known for fish farm programs, mushroom farming and cookie cutter programs that are copied over again at surrounding schools. They involve the children in all the lessons of what is going on outdoors. This is the concept of our own organization making this project a winner for us.

The school team is now working on a plan for rainwater catchment that will add to the sustainability to the property.

The headmaster Judith Mutuda is excited and willing to improve her community. The agricultural teacher Mr. Mukwapatira is ready to inspire the use of water to motivate food security. The school and community are comprised of about 2500 people.

The budget for this project will be $6,000 to include the survey that was completed, the drilling of the borehole and a solar pump.

There will be a sign created outside of the school to honor the donor. Photos of all phases will be expected from this community project.

HOW Global will manage this project from start to finish and will also contribute to the agricultural progression of the long-term plan.

The project should be completed within the next few months.

Thank you for your interest.

Rachael Paulson



Solar panels and water storage tank being installed and school kids celebrating having running water at their school and for the community