Medical Clinic

Pictured is the Medical Clinic building that was restored to its current status in 2017 after it had been destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.  This clinic serves as a triage station and evaluation center for basic medical care supplied by a Nurse that is sponsored by HMI.  This building as well as the St. Bridget School in Numero Deux and Ravine Sable are used by visiting medical teams and government sponsored medical and vaccination programs.  Any serious or complex medical situations, especially at-risk pregnancies, are referred to St. Antoine General Hospital or Haitian Health Foundation (HHF) in Jeremie.  Although HMI is not a “medical mission” as such, we do fund the school and community nurse as well as periodic stocking of the medical clinic with basic supplies.   We are proud to say that we do attempt to furnish some of the best medicine under the guise of potable water from our wells, good nutrition for children through our feeding and parasite prevention projects and  safe, sturdy and sanitary housing.  Thanks to everyone who has helped us to bring about these life-changing and life-giving developments in the communities where we serve.