Uganda Wells


The journey of Haiti Mission Inc and Uganda began in early 2009 when Fr. Jerry Villarubia of the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux contacted Deacon Lloyd regarding a communication he received from a classmate of his while he was in training at Notre Dame seminary in New Orleans, the Rev. Thomas Aquinas Outa.  Fr. Thomas Aquinas described a desperate drought situation and the need there was for a well in two of the communities where he served.  He sent Fr. Jerry a Proforma contract outlining the work to be done by a contractor there in Uganda.  Fr. Jerry having no knowledge of water well drilling contacted Deacon Lloyd since he was aware of the work being done in Haiti.  Deacon Lloyd reviewed the contract and recognized that it described in very clear detail every step necessary to drill a water well and the prices to be charged were very much in line with what it was costing to drill in Haiti.  The total at the time was $11,000 USD.  Fr. Jerry asked Deacon Lloyd what should be done.  Deacon Lloyd immediately replied, “Send him the money!”  Deacon Lloyd and Father Jerry then embarked on a fundraising strategy that quickly raised the necessary funds.  The wells were drilled and operated efficiently for several years until an even more severe drought set in causing the wells to dry up and necessitate drilling of deeper wells.  During this time, the diocese of Houma-Thibodaux has had a number of  seminarians  from Uganda be ordained for the diocese.  With these reliable men, HMI has been able to assure the donors that have wanted to fund wells in that country that the funds can be safely transported there and that dependable contractors are available to do the work.  HMI is delighted to have been able to form these alliances that have brought potable water to these remote areas of Uganda.  The story continues with the first of additional wells being drilled in 2017.

“Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified.  Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

“You will do greater works than I do!” John 14:12

What are the benefits of drilling a well for a community?

Perhaps you’re wondering what type of long term impact drilling a water well in a community will be.   First and foremost, you are giving people the best medicine in the world - potable water - which is a priceless gift of  health, love and compassion for which we at HMI and the families we serve will be forever grateful.

There are four main benefits however to having a water well in a community.

  • Reduce disease that comes from drinking polluted water.  (After the earthquake in 2010, Haiti experienced a deadly cholera outbreak.  Many people evacuated to the Jeremie region where our water wells were located.  These wells saved countless lives that may have otherwise been lost from drinking polluted water.   After Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 – no lives were lost due to cholera or any other water borne diseases in the area of the wells drilled by HMI.)
  • Give families, schools, hospitals, etc easier access to good water for drinking, washing, and bathing
  • Increase quality of life and reduce disease by enabling better hygiene
  • Increase health by enabling better hydration, an important requirement in a hot climate

Rev Bernard Martin Aeko - Uganda Well Facilitator for HMI

Rev. Thomas Aquinas Outa – Uganda Well Facilitator for HMI

March 2020 Well Report


Date Location   Notes GPS
2019 Sept Well #10 Tamula With love from HMI Donors 1.363271+34.029469
2018 Oct Well #9 Mulagi In Memory of Salvador Rivera  
2018 Aug Well #8 Namahoho In Memory of Harold Simpson  
2018 June Well #7 Mulagi In Memory of Ignace and Bertha Charles  
2018 June Well #6 Aoja In Memory of Marie and Maurice Holvoet  Thank you Mom and Dad!  001.898110+33.672411
2018 April Well #5 Mella B In Memory of Rick Jones  
2018 April Well #4 Mella A In Memory of Betty Kaul  
2018 January Well #3 Mbale In Memory of Chris Lujan  
2018 January  Well #2 Bughanga In Memory of Casey Petri  
2017 July  Well #1 – Kaderun Sponsored by HMI